Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

I loved this outfit Elise put together. Perfect shirt to wear to the library!

Messy Art Club at the library.

First bus ride on the transit system. It took almost 2 hours between walking to stops and riding the bus to get somewhere that would have taken us 15 minutes to drive to, but it was fun!

Carter reading Green Eggs in Ham in Spanish.
Elise reading the pictures in Green Eggs and Ham.
Eating the lunch I packed while waiting for the bus.
They both fell asleep on the last bus home.

Playing at a girls party at a friend's house.
Coloring pillow cases with their names on them.

Making pizzas for dinner.
I found Elise on the couch reading like this.

All the girls with their pillow cases.
Riding cars down the hill on our street.
Stopped to check out a roly poly.

We had one wreck and that was it!
Elise got stung by a wasp in the backyard.
RIP trampoline.
Carter said, "I am doing 2 things like Uncie J and Uncie Taco. Uncie Taco wears his hats backward and Uncie J puts his sunglasses in his shirt.
This dress is getting a little short.
When ice cream cones are 49 cents, even the dog gets one!
More hill riding.

We happened to see Landon at the splash pad while we were there with other friends, Carter was thrilled!

Tesla smiling after her longest run she's done with me, 8 miles.
Checking out a caterpillar we found in the front yard.
Listening to a story at storytime with the clip she put in her hair. Carter told her she looked beautiful!


  1. Tesla catching them when they rode down the hill makes me think of Peanut when you'd go sledding. Very sweet of Carter to tell her she's beautiful with a clip in her hair. Elise did a great job coloring her pillowcase. And I saw a dad and kid working with the worthless screw thing in the sand at the park. :)

    1. Haha, that darn screw thing! It would be so much fun if it worked!