Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise wanted to do yoga with me.

She was on my mat within the first few minutes.
Cracked me up!
Checking out the bird eggs at the Birds of Prey presentation at the library.

My guard dog while I did yoga.
Picking blueberries.

The kids lifting with Uncie Taco.

Carter had a sleep over and was so excited, he wore his backpack all afternoon after packing it.

Ready for his sleep over.

Meeting Carter's friend's snake.

Ty finishing a trail race.

Elise loves playing with her Hatchimals!
Father's Day run (for me) and bike ride for everyone else. I had to run fast to keep up!

Summer reading program prizes.

Elise last year: booty to camera, this year: toy over face. Gotta love her!
Summer reading program over the years!

The guy washing the window was more interesting than the elephants at the zoo!

We splurged and bought a treat at the zoo for the first time ever.

They had these amazing structures made out of items washed onto the shore at beaches.

The kids made a "tent" in our cave.
Making cave popcorn.
Making blind cave fish and human fish for our cave.
Making cave drawings.


  1. Elise was a gorgeous princess, like she said. Carter is getting really good on his bike! Tesla was hilarious with the blanket trick, she knew something was going on, then just didn't know what. And Elise did such a good job reading.

    1. Tesla was cracking me up. Her tail would be wagging and the moment they disappeared it would go still and she'd just stare.