Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise was feeling sleepy after breakfast.
Both kids decided to make little beds to lay down after breakfast.
Taking a walk with the dogs.
Bobbie snuggles at the playground.
Elise playing in the flooded splash pad.
Reading in Elise's book nook.
Carter at the Children's Museum.

Every time we walk to the library Elise wants me to take a picture of her on the tree stump.
Ty holding all the dogs at the playground while I played with the kids.
Carter decided to pair dress shoes with this outfit.
Another trip to the library, another picture on the stump.

The outfit Carter put together for church.
Elise thought Elise needed a blanket at bedtime.
Funny face waffles.

Awesome outfit Elise picked out.
Elise loves playing with her Hatchimals now that the toys are all organized.
Carter lost another tooth, this time at the library!


  1. Ty looks excited to watch all the dogs. :) Resting after breakfast sounds good to me. That stump is made for picture taking. Carter loves to sing, doesn't he? Elise's jumps were really good and she did a good job not landing on Tess.