Monday, December 10, 2018

Carter and Elise are Thankful

A few years ago I started having Carter write thankful strips which we then used to make our Christmas countdown. I love it because each day as we count down to Christmas we also read something we are thankful for to remind us to stop and appreciate what we have. Christmas can so easily become a time all about wants so it's nice to take a moment to think about what we have and appreciate that. As the kids sat and worked on their strips this year I kept thinking about how things have changed so much. They both sat down to draw pictures of what they are thankful for and Carter even sounded out words to figure out how to spell them. It was a huge difference from Elise just screaming random words out at me a few years ago. I am thankful for how independent my children have become and what a great job they do working on things all by themselves! Read what the kids were thankful for last year here, in 2016 here, and what Carter was thankful for in 2015 here.
Working on their thankful strips.

Carter is thankful...
1. for the countryside.
2. for mis amigos.
3. for my whole family.
4. for the pumpkin patch.
5. for the food.
6. for the sea.
7. for the whole Earth.
8. for Big Al.
9. for Elise.
10. for my whole heart.
11. for houses.
12. for my Legos.
13. for mommy and daddy.
14. for Tesla.
15. for mommy.
16. for Elise.
17. for Big Al.
18. for TV.
19. for Gavin and Lleighton.
20. for everything.
21. for everybody in my class.
22. for hearts and God.
23. for animals.
24. for seeds.

Elise is thankful...
1. we got Harper some ice cream.
2. I have good luck.
3. for all my love.
4. for my daddy that gives me kisses.
5. for all the kisses mommy gives me.
6. for my good heart.
7. for my shoes that Oma and Opa got me.
8. for Carter.
9. for Skippy and that I carry him around.
10. for my teachers and hope they have good luck.
11. for kisses, for mommy!
12. for pretty.
13. for friends.
14. for food.
15. for a phone.
16. for school.
17. for all my mommy love.
18. for my Hatchimals.
19. for oranges.
20. for mommy and daddy.
21. for you, mommy, because I always love you.
22. for daddy.
23. I can ride on a carousel.
24. for painting.