Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas: What the Kids Say

Carter began prepping Elise to visit Santa when we decorated for Christmas and pulled out all the Santa pictures over the years. For the past 2 years Elise cried when she saw Santa. Carter told her Santa is nice and she doesn't need to be scared of him. Ty left work early for an appointment one day a couple weeks before Christmas. Since he was able to get home earlier than normal, we decided it was the perfect day to visit Santa. The earlier in the day you go during the week, the shorter the lines typically. I talked Elise into wearing her "Santa dress" by showing her the kitty purse and telling her she could put some Hatchimals in it. It later came in quite useful because she carried some coupons in it for me. Since Elise was dressed up, Carter agreed to changing into a dress shirt and vest. They both looked so cute! It was the first year both kids smiled on Santa's lap so I was glad they agreed to dress up! We had so much fun at Bass Pro, playing with the sample toys in Santa's workshop before visiting Santa and then again afterward. Carter told Santa he wanted Legos and Elise told him she wanted "lights for my mommy," and when he was confused and asked again she said, "Toys for my mommy." Now on to what the kids say about Christmas.

What's on your Christmas list?
Carter: Legos, Kinetic Sand, slime, a toy train, and a soccer ball.  
Elise: everything
What is the best part about Christmas?
Carter: Presents! 
Elise: You, that you give me kisses and I give you kisses.

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
Carter: For Cheesus' birthday. 
Elise: Jesus' birthday 

Where does Santa live?
Carter: In the North Pole.
Elise: At the North Pole.

What are the names of Santa's reindeer?
Carter: Bliksen, Goner, Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, and I think that's all, maybe. 
Elise: I don't know.

What do you think Santa's favorite food is?
Carter: Cookies! 
Elise: I don't know, maybe cookies.

What will Santa bring mommy and daddy for Christmas?
Carter: What they want. 
Elise: I don't know.

What's your favorite thing about Marco (their Elf on the Shelf)?
Carter: That he hides. 
Elise: That he gets up on our curtains and he gets up on our tree.
Carter's first Christmas at just over a week old in 2012!
Carter's first visit with Santa in 2013.
Carter's first visit with Santa at Bass Pro.
Elise's first visit with Santa in 2015.
Santa at Bass Pro in 2016.
The kids with Santa in 2017.
The kids this year with Santa, 2018.