Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

On the way to see Santa.
Waiting our turn to see Santa.
Santa at Bass Pro.
Trying out the toys at Bass Pro.

Ate dinner at the restaurant in Bass Pro with the free kids' meals coupons we got.

Digging in dirt at a friend's house.

Eating lunch while in the tub was Elise's activity of choice after playing in the mud.

Elise matched one of the girls in my class!
Elise with her class and teachers after their Christmas Program.

Decorating cookies at the library for Messy Art Club.

Elise fell asleep on the floor while I made lunch.
Poor girl kept waking up because he didn't feel good so she wanted me to hold her while she slept.


  1. I wanted to cast the videos of Elise's program to TV so it was great you had them on here!