Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Carter sat down, wrote out the alphabet,and then sang it for me.

Playing Sequence while Elise attempted to get out of the picture.

When you have to wait your turn to play.

Carter loves his new blanket Oma made him.

Playing school

Carter helping Ty lay the floor.

Harper couldn't figure out why we got out of bed.

Carter with Ana and Elsa at a Princess Party, Elise didn't want in the picture.

Elise made a friend at the playground and they ran from toy to toy playing together. It was so cute!

Pictures from Elise's photo shoot I didn't use for her update post.

I was sad to take down our pink Valentine's Day lights and mentioned I wished we had green lights for St. Patrick's Day. Ty surprised us by ordering green lights from Amazon and they arrived to our surprise!
Messy Art Club at the library.

Getting his cast off.

Playing Guess Who.


  1. Carter's hair looks really good with a crown. Good pictures and wonderful videos.

    1. It was funny because he was so excited to dress up for the party but Elise was not! She picked out a dress but then started crying for me to take it off the moment we got there!