Friday, February 16, 2018

My Little Readers!

Carter has always loved to read. He loves to sit and have books read to him as well as sit and read the pictures by himself. Now that he's 5, he's old enough to participate in the Paws for Reading program at our local library. During the program children get to read to a therapy dog. We read Madeline Finn and the Library Dog by Lisa Papp a while back. We loved the book and Carter wished our library had a special dog you could read to. I told him it did and we'd find out how old you had to be to read to a dog. Once he turned 5 he was so excited to do it so the first opportunity that came up, we signed up. He wanted to read No, David! by David Shannon to the dog and I picked out a few other books I knew he could read from memory/from reading the pictures. He did a wonderful job and the lady who works with the dog with impressed with Carter's memory and his ability to read from retelling as well as by reading the pictures. He had a lot of fun and is looking forward to doing it again.

Carter giving the dog a treat.

Elise started out not as interested in books as Carter was at a young age but she has more than made up for it recently. Whereas she used to not sit through even one board book, now she likes to sit and read picture book after picture book with me on days Carter is at school. She has also taken up reading books by retelling them and by reading the pictures. I'm amazed by her memory and how well she's able to retell stories. She is so cute and I love it when she reads to me. One day she was reading to me and Carter and we were loving it to much she just kept reading her book over and over. Then she picked up another book to read to us. My favorite was That's Not My Penguin. On one page the penguin looks mad and the first time she read it, she said, "That's not my penguin. It's head is mad." I laughed so she kept reading the book over and over. I'm so glad they both love to read and I hope their love for books leads to a life of enjoyable reading!