Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

We had such a wonderful day yesterday. We started the day with special Valentine's Day doughnuts and enjoyed reading some books and being a little slow getting around. Carter had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon which they had said was to get his cast off. It turned out he got his cast off but then they took an x-ray and it wasn't fully healed so he got another cast but this time it doesn't cover his elbow. Since it is mostly healed he is allowed to have more range of motion in his arm. He chose a camouflage cast this time. We left the doctor's office and headed to Ty's work to pick him up for lunch. We went out to lunch at McAlister's because kids eat free on Valentine's Day! It was so nice to see Ty during the day! We got home in time for Elise to nap. Carter made valentines while Elise napped and I was impressed he was even able to make a pop up valentine on his own!
Carter getting his new cast on.
After naps I cut hearts out and taped them to a couple of Carter's super hero capes. He and Elise were Super Cupids and we ran around delivering valentines. Later Carter decided he was Speed Cupid and Elise was Super Cupid. Our first stop was to our neighbor's house and then we were off to the library to give valentines to the children's librarian. Carter was so excited he ran the whole way there. He and Elise were cracking me up with their capes blowing behind them. Carter would say, "Hands in," and they'd put their hands together and then he'd yell, "Super Cupids," and they'd throw their hands up. Elise kept yelling, "Let's go!!!!" Carter was bummed Elise slept too late to go over to Jeremy's house before he left for class. He wanted to run all the way to Jeremy's house just like he had on our way to the library. We dropped valentines off at Thomas' house and played in the backyard for a while before heading home to make dinner.
Walking to the library.
Hugs for Uncie Taco.
When I was a kid we had homemade heart-shaped pizza each year on Valentine's Day which is a tradition I've kept up with my kids. They had so much fun helping me make the pizza. While the pizza was in the oven we went ahead and opened presents and read valentines. I handed Ty his present and Elise yelled, "We got you a hat!" So much for surprises! I was actually surprised Elise remembered because we'd gotten Ty's hat a couple weeks ago! After dinner we ran Jeremy's valentines by his house and Carter was so excited to put his cape back on! It was so much fun and such a wonderful day!
Making our heart-shaped pizza for dinner.

Ty helped the kids make me a giant valentine.
Reading our valentines.
Hugs for Uncie J!
Group hug.


  1. Very cute. I just miss Ty's head in the picture with him.

    1. I know, he was bent down and stood up right as I took the picture!