Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise feeling a raccoon pelt at the museum.
I love that she's letting me put her hair up now!
I also love her little ringlets that fall out of her ponytail.
Blueberry monster!

Her hair was camouflage!

Picture from Carter's teacher.
Hiking with a bunch of sticks, haha!

Elise kept pulling her shirt up so she could put her bare belly on the ground!
Futon snuggles with Gma and Gpa!

With some of my mom friends at a baby shower.
Taking the train to bed.

Tea party during our play date.
These monkeys climbed up on the changing table.

Carter and Elise tried to convince me to let them nap together in Ty and my bed.
Carter said, "Don't take my sissy from me!"

I found Carter like this when I came out from putting Elise to bed.

Bubbles at storytime!

Super excited about my special Valentine's Day doughnuts!

Getting his cast off for an x-ray. At first he was upset.

Then we started joking about it tickling so he started laughing.

It wasn't quite healed so he got a new, smaller cast on.

He picked camo this time.

Fun Valentine's Day fun on Snapchat.


  1. I loved the look you got when Elise realized you were videoing her singing. And Carter was so disappointed when she pulled the curtain from him when he was singing. Some very cute pictures, and your doughnuts look wonderful.

  2. I also liked how Elise looked to see if Carter would laugh when she was reading. She was so looking forward to entertaining him.