Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Carter likes to make his own lunch and has asked for it to be one of his chores.

Snow paint at the library! It was glue and shaving foam mixed.

Carter went into Elise's room for "some alone time". We discovered he had cleaned her room for her and he was so excited for her to see it!

Elise helping Carter pack his lunch.

Lunch with Uncie Taco.

Ready for the Teddy Bear Ball at the community center.

Carter let Elise take Catboy but felt she needed an actual teddy so he took her a teddy too.

Carter thought if he wore "handsome shoes" with his monster outfit, it made the outfit dressed up.

Refreshments at the Teddy Bear Ball.

Worn out from all the dancing!

During the fun.

Before going home, they were worn out!

Coffee date with daddy while Carter and I were at an art class.

Working with air dry clay at the art class.

He dressed himself and wore a tie with sweatpants, haha!

Making a snowman.

Special storytime at the library with the zoo.

Getting to touch a bearded dragon.

Elise loves the Ariel doll her Gma and Gpa got her for Christmas!

Elise and Carter love my running buddy! Hanging out with her at a Super Bowl party.

Yoga at the Children's Museum.

We built a circuit to make the fan spin. Then Carter got to decorate a paper on it, it was awesome!

Carter got some rare time with Catboy since Elise has pretty much claimed him!

She got out of bed to go potty a 2nd time. This was her response when Ty told her to hurry up.
Elise took the PJ Masks to stroytime.


  1. I love Wednesdays! I saw Elise in the background when she fell, then the video stopped. She didn't look like she hit that hard so I was surprised she cried. And Carter made a good lunch.

  2. Where Carter is making his lunch and she comes running in. You see her in the background, and she falls and starts crying. Then the video ends.

    1. Oh, I had to rewatch it to remember. She hit her mouth on the chair.