Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise picked out her boots and was insistent on wearing them.
Picture from Carter's teacher.
Picture from Carter's teacher.
Elise enjoyed extra leg room while grocery shopping with Carter at school.
She decided the bars were too cold so I got her a blanket.
Cracking dinosaur eggs at the Children's Museum's members only event.
Looking at different skulls and animal brains at the Children's Museum.
Learning about dinosaur eggs.
Petting an alligator at a Literacy Event.
Showing off the face painting he got.
Elise normally sits facing out when I rock her but after a morning away from me, she was all snuggled in!
Swimming at a birthday party.
Elise helping Ty fold some clothes.
Ready to splash in puddles!
Playing with kinetic sand at the Children's Museum.
Taking Harper on a walk.
Carter went on stage and started teaching about God and Cheesus at a Talking is Teaching event.
We watched Frozen so Carter had to sleep with his Sven stuffed animal.
Free breakfast at Chick fil A before Carter went to school.
Elise wouldn't nap so I tried putting her in Carter's room, that didn't work either.
The mess she made while I did my core workout.
Playing at the splash pad while Uncie J ran.


  1. It looked like Carter couldn't get the students to pay attention to his lesson on Cheesus, but Elise sure paid attention to him reading. The book she read must have been very sad. :)

    1. The kids weren't paying attention but some parents were and told me how cute they thought it was.