Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise propped up at the computer at the library.
Just taking notes on her research, haha!
Picnic in the front yard.
She got into Oma's lotion and rubbed it in her hair.
Elise was worried that Garo, my parents' new puppy, wasn't eating.
Carter was so proud of the Lego whale he made from a set Oma and Opa got for him.
Garo loves to snuggle up with Fezzik.
I signed up for a casino card and had $12 free play. I ended up winning almost $9 (which later paid for new backpacks for the kids).
Elise even insisted on taking "Baby" in the car with us.
Elise enjoying extra leg room in the cart while Carter was at school.
She also enjoyed extra leg room in the wagon on the way to the library.
Playing with a bag of goodies our neighbor gave us.
Elise washed this bowl about 5 times over for me.
Elise with her new backpack that was half price.
Carter was getting a new Paw Patrol backpack and Elise thought she needed one too.
When daddy puts you to bed apparently you sleep in a button up shirt!
Elise made a bed on the floor while I showered.
Magnets from our neighbor.
At the aquarium for Aqua Tots.
Feeling whale baleen.
Watching a tree frog climb the wall.
Watching a tree frog eat meal worms and crickets.
Getting to see a chameleon.
Elise got a little scared at the chameleon walked closer to her.
Carter snuggled her and reassured her it was okay.
They made jellyfish crafts.
Elise made one too but didn't want to pose with them.
Watching a toad eat.
The sea turtles are still my favorite, I love them!
Carter posing with his jellyfish craft by the jellyfish tank.
Elise's hair was getting so staticy!


  1. I love wordless Wednesday. It got to Garo, too. He couldn't quite figure it out. Carter wrote a good song.

    1. His song before I recorded was even better but he got a little nervous when he saw me recording.

  2. When we were watching the "Back to School Boogie," Garo had to come over and watch. He misses Carty and Elise!