Friday, September 8, 2017

Carter's First Week of School

We made it through Carter's first week of school! I'm so glad we kept him at Jenks First Baptist rather than going with a public school down the street. He's not ready for 5 day a week school and I'm not either! Today on the drive to school he said, "I don't want to go to school 3 days a week. That just gives me 2 days home with you and that's not enough. I want to go to school 2 days and be at home 3 days." This first week was just a half day so I picked him up at noon. I'm interested to see how next week goes with him staying at school until 2:30. He's excited to eat lunch at school but he's worried about nap/rest time at school. I think mainly because he doesn't nap every day. He actually hasn't napped at all this week. This morning he said he was shy and clung to my skirt as we walked in and then hid behind me. I'm a little bummed that he only has 2 kids in his class from last year and his best friends from last year are split between the two other classes. I think he'd be more excited about school if he had some friends from last year. He was asking about one of his friends all summer and that boy is in the class next to his. I'm sure he'll make new friends quickly and will be adjusted within the next couple of weeks!
Carter waiting for Elise to find her backpack so we could leave for school.
Heading out for the 2nd day of school.
Carter misses his teachers from last year and keeps saying he wishes he could be in their class again. I told him that's just how it feels when things change. I explained to him how when I was teaching at the beginning of each school year I always missed my old students and wished I could have them back. But then after the first couple weeks I loved all my new students and was glad to have them. His music teacher has changed since last year and he has been unphased by that. I thought he would be sad because he loved music class but he very excitedly points out his new music teacher each morning. I think he just loves music regardless of who is teaching it. Each day when I've picked him up, he's told me all about the songs they sang in music. He even showed me the dance to go with "Back to School Boggie." It was so cute. Center time is still a favorite and he tells me about the different things he plays with at center time. So far there has been puzzles, Play Doh, the toy kitchen, and the sensory bin with confetti paper stuff. He also said he made an Earth craft because God made the Earth and was very excited to tell me God made the Earth when he got home.
Leaving for school today on his 3rd day of school.

Elise wants to wear her backpack every morning when we drop Carter off. She even has to have her water bottle in the side pocket just like her brother! She really misses him when he's gone. I hear a pretty much constant string of, "Where Carty," and "Where Carty. I want pick him up!" She's so shy when he's not with us and is much more clingy to me. It's funny how when Carter is around she goes running up to talk to people with him but without him there if someone tries to talk to her, she clings to me and turns away from them. She has also had a bit of a regression with potty training. Before the only time she really had accidents was in her car seat and the days Carter has been at school she's had accidents while playing too. Each day he's been at school she's had at least 2 accidents during the 2.5 hours he's gone!  On Tuesday we went grocery shopping and then to the library while Carter was at school. Thursday we went to storytime and played at the library. Today we went to the Botanic Garden. We had fun and I really enjoyed my special time with Elise. I know she'll adjust to Carter being gone and I look forward to more adventures with her while he's at school!

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  1. Very cute dancers and singers. Elise without Carter reminds me of Garo without Fezzik. :)