Thursday, August 31, 2017

Carter's Open House at Preschool

As summer started coming to an end, I started to get emotional about Carter going back to school. I just love having him home with me every day. I also love the freedom it gives us to piddle around in the morning before heading out for playdates or adventures. There was also that thought in the back of my head that this will be the last year before he starts going to school full-time, 5 days a week for kindergarten. But just as kids tend to do, he gave me exactly what I needed. I'm not kidding it seemed to be within days of me starting to get teary eyed over him going back to school that he started picking on Elise a lot more. As I started mediating more and playing less, I began to feel less emotional about him going back to school and more ready for that to be a reality. So we left this morning for his preschool open house more excited than anything else. He was so ready to meet his teachers, to see his classroom, and to meet some of his classmates. Ty left work and met us at Carter's school so he could see his room and meet his teachers. Carter was so excited to see daddy a "second time". It was cute!

We checked in and Carter was excited to find out that he will be upstairs this year in the big kid preschool area. He met his teachers and was immediately off playing. They had a sheet out on the table and Carter went over and started completing it without even reading the directions, just knowing what to do. At the top of the page it showed Aa and then there were different capital and lowercase letters in circles below it. He picked up a dabber and started finding all the Aa's on his own. I was very impressed. When he was finished he pointed to a d and said, that's a d not an a. He tried out every area in the room and talked quite a bit with his teachers. He asked them if they liked his hair because his mommy put gel in it to make it handsome for his special day. Of course Carter eventually found his way to the book area and pulled one out for me to read to him. I love that he loves books so much! I'm excited for this school year and everything he will learn in his new classroom with his new teachers and classmates. He didn't want to leave and that left me feeling very good about what is to come. I know it is time for him to go back to school. He is excited and ready to have a more structured learning environment. I'm sure the increased incidents with Elise at home are related to his readiness to be back in school. He will pick out a new bigger backpack for this school year since he will need to fit his lunchbox inside. I'm excited for him to do that in the next few days and we are all excited for Tuesday, his first day of school! It's hard to believe next year Elise will be starting 3 year old preschool but I know she'll be ready. She had a blast in Carter's classroom and didn't want to leave when it was time to go either! Read about Carter's open house last year here.
Carter working on his Aa sheet.
Elise cooking in the play kitchen.
Carter with his teachers.