Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Hugs for Harper.
Elise turning away because Harper was trying to lick her.
Elise's new thing where she covers her face with my hand while I'm rocking her at naptime.
Carter is now sleeping long ways in his bed and it makes him seem so grown up!
A picture Carter took of me before I got out of bed in the morning.
Carter asked to play with ice one morning.
Oma was in high demand.
Elise eating a doughnut on the way to a fun run we did.
Elise eating gummy worms after the run.
Running in to the finish with her Oma.
Well, more so chasing her Oma because she didn't decide to run until Oma had already gone by.
Decorating doughnuts at a doughnut-themed birthday party for a friend.
Elise decided she wanted to sit with Carter, I think she was feeling a little overwhelmed because she initially wouldn't sit down unless she could sit on my lap.
Carter was super tired while shopping.
Birthday party #2 for the day: roller skating.
Carter chose to wear his cowboy boots with this outfit.
He was also wearing a pumpkin stocking cap but took it off to put on his helmet while riding his bike and Elise snatched it up.
Elise asked to hold Harper's leash by saying, "I wanna hold my Harpie."
Elise's beautiful new dress from her Oma and Opa. I can't believe it's a 3T!
Trying out the Strider bike.
I love what Carter calls "snuggle parties" or "cuddle fests".
Caught Elise with her eye open during this odd habit of hers. So funny but also slightly creepy!
Her hair is long enough she needs it pulled back to stay out of her face.
The bow didn't last long but it was quite while it lasted!
She makes it hard to get up!


  1. Worth the wait. The ice cream picture didn't load for me. And you're right, the rocking with a hand over her face is so reminiscent of an sci-fi movie. :)

    1. I deleted it because I used it on a different post but it left the caption.

    2. Oh. Elise's dancing is hilarious!