Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Searching for and picking wild strawberries in our backyard.

This is what Skippy does at naptime when I sit down.

Free bagel at Panera, thanks to my mom.

Carter took some pictures of me and Elise while we were playing at the mall play area.

No matter how much stuff is on the bed, Harper will always find a spot to lay!

Elise staring at a picture of otters in our book.

Elise decided to eat her cake with two forks.

Playing in some big puddles.

Oma took Elise to the store to pick out a dolly.

Carter taking care of Elise's doll while she was in the other room.

Trying out new Easter stamps we got on clearance at Wal-Mart for 25 cents!

We went to the playground and Elise decided she'd rather play in the car.

Carter said he was driving water balloons to Texas.

She was so excited to find an otter puppet at the library.

Carter was making his hands into a crocodile to chomp the bubbles.

Carter made this while I was rocking Elise before naptime.


  1. You have a great picture of Carter getting air when he was jumping in the puddles. I love the picture of Addison feeding Elise when they were sitting in the chair together.

    1. I was pretty stoked about that picture when I was looking back through! So perfect! I thought that was so adorable that Addison was feeding Elise!