Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise feeding "Froggy" some dinner.
We just can't get enough of the sea turtles!
Elise still loves the smaller turtles too.
Her absolute favorite animal right now is otters.
Holding Otta up so he could see the real otters.

She saw someone else sitting up here taking a picture so she wanted to do it too.
We tried to take a picture of both of us with the sea turtles. It didn't work

Elise wanted to sit with Carter so he scooted over for her and then asked me to take their picture.
This sweetness ended when Carter kissed Elise and she felt awkward so she spit her grape out onto his lap, lol!
She's been wanting to rock at naptime and falls asleep crazy fast!
Carter loves these readers!
Searching for dandelions.
Covered in different flavors of honey we made.
His new chore, putting away already folded laundry.
Enjoying treats after the Aquarium Run.
Elise made an awesome necklace!
Trying a doughnut covered with Lucky Charms marshmallows.
Carter eating the other half of the doughnut.
Elise loves playing with Uncie Taco's beard.
Ready for a movie night.
Why use a pillow when you can use Uncie J's foot instead?
Elise poured her cereal on the floor and then proceeded to eat it, just to tease Harper.
But then she's also so sweet to her.
She knows Harper loves getting her neck rubbed!
Doughnut playdate with friends.
Fun at the Children's Museum.
Elise was so proud of the tower she built!
More naptime snuggles!
Carter built a road for his cars while I was putting Elise down for her nap.
Grandparent wrestling!
Carrying all her favorite "babies".
Carter rocking his baby.
A picture of Carter's school that was posted by a meteorologist yesterday.
Carter and Elise worked together to build this tower.
Carter wanted to ride in the stroller and Elise was already in it so she scooted over and patted next to herself for him to sit there.