Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter wrote his last name as was apparently so proud he found my phone and took a picture himself.
Elise's dream team.
A picture Carter's preschool took during their visit from the police officers.
Elise was so sweet sharing her snack with Carter.
Carter asked me to take a picture of Aunt Netta with his bunk bed.

Watching April the Giraffe give birth.
Free bagel thanks to Oma, she keeps getting a month of free bagels on her My Panera card!
Storytime at the library.
She took Carter up for bubble time and even held him in the air so he could pop some.
Storytime was so much fun, she fell asleep on the way to pick Carter up.
Carter got to watch a little tv after school because he had a good day and asked to have a picnic in the living room.
He was loving on Harper all day for her birthday.
Skippy being cute one morning.
Stay and play time at the library.
Special birthday hike for Harper's birthday.
One of my friends saw me on tv and snapped this picture. I looked pretty angry, I think they were talking about school budget cuts for next year. Oklahoma is seriously letting our children down!


  1. Very good writing Cox, and taking a picture! Was Elise saying "Otta" when she had the otter catching bubbles? I got some pretty anklets so she can have pretty little socks with her dress shoes. She let you put her hair in pigtails, how cute. Carter made up a cute Cheesus song. And, what a good idea putting a balloon on the birthday dog. Oh, in a ranking of 1-5, Oklahoma rated in the 4th group for kids. Kansas was in the 2nd, even higher than MO.

    1. I didn't notice her saying anything in the video, so I'm not sure. What was the ranking for, what the state provides for kids? Because I can see why Oklahoma would be terrible. Funding for education just keeps getting slashed to the point where schools will barely be able to function. It's an embarrassment. Oklahoma is one of only 3 states that have cut 15% or more of the education budget in recent years.

      Here's more info:

      States made widespread and deep cuts to education formula funding when the recession hit, and at least half of the states still haven’t fully restored the cuts eight years later. (See Figure 3.) This survey finds that, after adjusting for inflation:

      Twenty-five of the 46 states are providing less general aid per student this year than in 2008.
      In seven of those 25 states, the cuts are 10 percent or more.
      In three states — Oklahoma, Alabama, and Arizona — the cuts are 15 percent or more.

    2. The numbers for Oklahoma and Missouri:
      Oklahoma has cut funding per student by 24.2% since 2008
      Missouri has increased funding per student by 2.4% since 2008
      Kansas wasn't listed because they didn't have the necessary data to make a comparison.

      Oklahoma has cut funding for education since 2008 more than any other state. The next highest state has cut funds by 17.3%.

      And instead of getting mad at the legislators who are making the budget cuts, parents are getting mad at superintendents for the choices they are having to make to cut back expenses (like close schools, increase class sizes, and limit the number of schools offering sports programs). Parents will go and vote the same representatives in who put us in this mess. It is so frustrating!

  2. haha yeah, she was saying Otta, not Carter! -Daddy

    1. In the bubble popping video? I didn't hear her say anything.