Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

The kids working hard to put their shoes on without help.

Harper was a good girl, she earned lots of stickers!

Elise playing at an interactive area in our art museum.

The kids enjoying our new National Geographic Kids magazine from Gigi and Papa.

It was so cute, I looked out to see them laying on the hill together.

Carter brought this to me and asked me to match the capital letters with the lowercase ones, would have been trickier if he hadn't put them side by side!

Carter had a Dad's Sack Supper one evening at his school. The theme was western and I had a vision for how we'd decorate the bag. One day he excitedly got it down and started decorating it, not my vision but perfect in it's own way!

Carter was so excited to get a Happy Meal with his birthday gift card from Great Grandma and Grandpa.

Elise's first movie and Carter's first full movie in the theater, Smurfs.

Elise sat in my lap for the entire movie.

A cool finger puppet Carter got in an Easter egg.

Egg hunt at the Botanic Garden.

I cracked up because the way Elise's blanket was, it looked like a sumo wrestler's diaper!

Ty caught Carter sneezing.

Carter was pretty chill and he ended up with the egg that had a free membership to the Botanic Garden in it! There was one egg with that prize out of 300 eggs and he picked it up!

Elise has been all about rocking before her nap and falls asleep within a couple minutes.
Carter helping Ty shop for materials to build us a flower box.
Carter making a "spider web" during Natural Babies at the Nature Center.
Carter decided he needed to measure his height using this sign.
Carter surprised me with eggs filled with My Little Ponies.
Painting our new planter.
Elise playing on a pirate ship in the waiting room of our dentist's office.
Elise did a great job at her first dentist appointment.
I was eating breakfast and looked over to see Elise had built an 8 block tower!
Carter driving a 40 pound bag of soil across the yard for me.
Carter set up a birthday party for the Easter Bunny.
I got Elise dressed and then she insisted on putting her socks and shoes on herself, this is what she picked!
Crawling in the egg basket at storytime.
Picking and eating wild strawberries in our backyard, they are super bitter!


  1. They looked cute laying on the hill. It looked like Harper was going to join them at first. Carter seemed to really enjoy his dad and me dinner, and I'm glad Ty is cute since he's as big as an elephant. :)

    1. Wasn't that hilarious?!!? Elephants are pretty awesome!