Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

This one was a bit blurry but I love the look on Carter's face!
Ready for Carter's open house.
Playing at his preschool open house.
Playing at the park with friends.
She climbed the whole way up with me just spotting her, no help!
Looking at his preschool calendar for the month.
Playing with a special castle from a friend.
Drawing a picture of Elise on the chalkboard.
Both kids fell asleep on a run.

Elise got new shoes from Oma and Opa.

Carter figured out a way to keep the dogs from trying to eat his food.

Ty preparing the meat to smoke for the Fantasy Football draft.


Feeding animals at the petting zoo.
Oma paid so Carter could hold the kangaroo.
Opa holding Elise up so she could peek at Carter.

Ty met us at the street fair and this is what we saw when we found him.

Elise fell so Carter was holding an ice pack on her head for her.
Look who I came across on my run!
Playing with peanut butter play dough.
Oma and Opa made Carter homemade finger paint to play with.

Elise was really upset I took the marker away from her.

Lunch at Sam's after grocery shopping.
They were both happy, Elise because she had food and Carter because he had a book.
She smuggled her blankie to the car.

Carter made a row in front of Harper so she wouldn't get out of bed.

First trip without Carter, the aquarium.

Elise climbed up on the couch by herself and Carter moved his blanket to share with her and cover her up.

Carter put cicada exoskeletons on his shirt.
Elise thought it was hilarious to run around with a basket on her head.
I love that she takes play breaks to snuggle me.
Storytime at the library.
Elise dumping out toys during storytime at the library.
All 3 kids enjoying the sensory bin.


  1. I couldn't get the video of Elise crying to play. But from the looks of the picture, she REALLY cried. :)

    1. It showed up weird when I added it, I'll have to try downloading it again.