Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

Yesterday I tried over and over to get my iphone to sync to my computer so I could download my pictures. I kept getting the same error message that it was unable to connect due to an invalid response from the device. Whatever that meant. Ty tried to help me that night and we were up past 11:00 but still couldn't get it to work. Finally today after Ty had uninstalled itunes from his computer and then reinstalled it (his version before was already the most current), I was able to upload the photos on his computer. So we are a day late. I'm thinking I have the newest iphone software update to thank for the problems. In that case it is not worth being able to draw text messages. But anyway, here are all the photos and videos that I would have posted yesterday.
Carter chasing me around pretending to be a ghost.
Ready to go exploring after the rain.
Holding hands to cross the street.
Elise giving Carter his first kiss.
Elise insisted on wearing her shoes even though she wasn't wearing pants.
Carter playing on the Fun Bus at a birthday party.
Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Carter giving Elise a kiss during our group shot at Krispy Kreme. We all got a dozen free doughnuts for dressing like pirates.
Elise wanted to nap with her shoes.
Carter made cupcakes with number candles on top. I was impressed that he handed me the cupcakes in number order to eat.
Mother-Son Date Knight with a friend on his birthday.

Elise posing with the seahorses in her seahorse shirt.
Aqua Tots at the aquarium.
Elise pushing the stroller.
Elise wanted to sit on the potty like Carter.
Elise picked out a lollipop after her doctor's appointment.