Thursday, September 15, 2016

Carter's Second Week of School

During Carter's first week of school I parked the car and walked him into school when we arrived and then again when we picked him up. Each day I pointed out the car line and explained how it worked. On Tuesday morning he told me he wanted me to go through the car line so he could walk himself into school. Then as we were driving to school he asked me what he would do about other cars and I told him a teacher would help him make it safely to the building. He was so proud of himself walking into school. It was adorable. I was a little sad because it was harder to get my goodbye kiss and hug as well as my good to see you kiss and hug, but it was worth it seeing how proud he was to walk in on his own. I secretly hoped he wouldn't be quite ready to walk in on his own yet. Elise and I headed to the Children's Museum after dropping Carter off. It was her first trip there without Carter. It made me a little sad because the Children's Museum was our first outing after Elise was born when she was just a few days old! Driving in the car is so weird and quiet without Carter talking the whole way we go somewhere. Elise and I had an absolute blast and she was cracking me up running all around and chasing another little boy who was there. When I picked Carter up he was quick to relay the events of his morning to me. He told me all about his friends Locke, Wyatt, Addison, and Sophie. Then he said one of the little girls kept crying for her mommy and the teacher told her that her mommy would be back soon but she just kept crying. I asked Carter what he did to help his friend and he said nothing so we talked about some things he could try next time to cheer his friend up. He was so cute when we were done talking because he said, "Next time I'll try to help my friend. This time I didn't know what to do so I did nothing." He was excited to tell me that during music class he told the teacher he had an idea so she told the class to be quiet so they could hear Carter's idea and then he told her "our heads are circles." They were learning about circles during class. He told me what sounded like pretty much word for word the book they read all about a mouse trying to fit different shapes inside it's house until it found a half circle and it fit. He even said, "Will the square fit? No! It has too many points." I was cracking up as he told me, it was just so darn cute! Maybe my favorite thing he told me was, "My friend's name is Locke. Maybe his name is Locke because he likes to lock things. My name is Carter because I'm so nice!" I loved that! He had a great 3rd day at school! I was a little worried because all the sudden on Monday he kept saying he didn't want to go back to school and then Tuesday morning sat on the potty as we were trying to leave the house and told me he was going to poop for 9 minutes, so long we wouldn't make it to school. But once we got there he was fine. I think the excitement of going through the car line for the first time helped a little bit too. It was great for Elise because she absolutely hated getting back in her car seat so soon after having just gotten out and would scream like a Banshee and fight me with all her might, so there was none of that!
Carter walking into school with a teacher.
Elise enjoying the Children's Museum.
This is what Elise would do when I had to get her back in her car seat!
Carter's page he brought home, he told me they needed to find all the S's and color them.

Thursday morning Carter decided he wanted me to walk him into school. After Elise insisted on walking and then ran off toward the toys once we got inside, trying to wiggle out of my arms when I picked her up to take her back outside, I told Carter it would be the last time I would walk him in and he was fine with that. Elise and I headed to the art museum for a special program they have called Museum Babies. Getting to take her to these programs two Thursdays a month has been a huge part of what kept me from getting too sad about Carter going to school. I took both the kids a couple times before Carter turned 3 and was too old for the program and they loved it. I was so excited to take Elise again and get to watch her experience the art and play with toys. The facilitator takes families into one gallery in the museum and then we head back to a huge room that is set up with toys. I love that they keep the gallery experience short for the attention span of the babies but actually take them in so they are exposed to the artwork. We went into a gallery with ceramic statues from ancient people who lived in West Mexico. Elise was actually way more engaged than I had expected, pointing and staring at the artwork. We weren't allowed to take photos otherwise I so would have gotten some pictures of her amazed face as she looked, it was priceless. There was a whole case of dog statues and Elise kept yelling "puppy" over and over as she pointed at them. It was definitely her favorite part of the exhibit. We were the first ones in the room with toys and Elise took off running, immediately knocking over bowling pins and getting to it. We slipped out a little bit early to pick Carter up and I was so excited to see him. I love how he jumps into my arms when he sees me. I love picking him up at noon because it's not as busy so even when I pull into the car line, there's usually no one behind me so I can get out, hug him, and then walk him to his side of the car. Right away Carter started telling me all about his day. He said his friend Wyatt wasn't there, but Locke was so he played with him most of the time. He refers to centers as the stuff set out on tables for them to play with. He said today it was store, puzzles, babies, books, and crafts. He said the craft was a school house and, sure enough, he had a construction paper school house he'd made in his backpack when I checked his backpack at home. He then asked if he could watch the Curious George smashes apples show at bedtime after his chores because that was the book they read today. He said his teacher said, "Next time you come back, we'll be tasting apples to see if you like them." He said one thing he learned was, close your books and put them away. That cracked me up! Of course, he also talked about playing on the giant slides and on the playground as well as let me know they had goldfish for snack and they are his favorite. His update on his crying friend was that she didn't need help today. He said she sat by herself for a little bit and was able to make herself stop crying. I thought it was funny how he said it.
Elise playing during Museum Babies.
Carter's work he brought home in his backpack.
Carter's schoolhouse craft.

When Carter was first starting school I was curious to see how much he would remember and how much he would share with me. I hated thinking he might spend 2.5 hours somewhere and then not share anything with me about what went on. That has been so far from the case. On his first day of school as we were driving he excitedly told me, "When you pick me up, I'm going to tell you everything I did at school!" It was a sweet sentiment, but I figured he wouldn't be able to tell me everything. I've been amazed at all the details he shares, even retelling me books nearly word for word. I know what he ate for snack every day and what he did during each scheduled activity. I'm sure there are some things he is leaving out. But between the little calendar we were given at back to school night with the major lesson for the day listed, the class schedule we received, and what Carter tells me I feel like I have a really good idea of what goes on. I feel encouraged that he tells me what his teachers say to him and I can tell they are all very loving and purposeful with the words they use with the children. I am also so very excited that he hasn't had a single physical incident with another child. That was my main fear going into this, that he'd hit, kick, or push someone at school. I am so proud of Carter and have enjoyed hearing all about his days at school so much. I picture myself looking back at his first year in school and I know I will appreciate documenting what he tells me. I also know many of you will get a kick out of hearing what a day in 3 year old preschool is like for Carter. I'm already loving my adventures with Elise and I know they will be even more fun as she gets older and can express herself more.


  1. It is fun to hear what Carters's done in school, and I enjoy the expression on Elise's face as she puts a scarf into the tube-such concentration.

    1. It was hard work to keep the scarf from flying out, there was air moving through the tube. She sure was determined!