Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday a Day Late (Again)

Carter helping daddy sand before painting.

Elise trying to grab my phone as I took this pic.

Playing with the new Riverworks exhibit at the Children's Museum.

Making a boat at the Children's Museum.

Testing out his boat.

Trying out noodling on the pretend catfish.

Elise carried this around most of the time we were at the museum.

Touching some touchable bubbles after they landed.
Jeremy getting his first medal since the accident!
I was so excited to take pictures but then they didn't turn out, darn my phone!
She had decided all she wanted to wear was shoes and then she climbed on the table and screamed at me because I put the cheese away as I was cleaning up after dinner.
She wanted to carry Carter's backpack into the house after school and he let her, it was so sweet!
Adorable outfit he picked out, the helmet wasn't part of it, I just took the pick in between bike riding sessions.
Carter took this for us.
Elise decided she didn't want what had been made for breakfast so she took matters into her own hands, climbing onto the dog food container in the closet and getting down the graham crackers.
If you ever wondered why Elise doesn't wear bows, this is why.


  1. You're going to have fun with her when she's a teenager. And Carter does a good job taking pictures.

  2. Love the bow photo!! Cracks me up!!