Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Showing off her ruffle bottom, thanks to Aunt Netta!

Carter exercising after our run.

Elise loved playing with the rubber chips at the park.

Elise's first time going down a slide.

Excited to play with her brother in the tunnels.

Sweet moment, Carter wanted to hold Elise and kiss her.

Excited to eat dinner in the car on our drive to Oma and Opa's house.

Elise loves her afghan from Oma.

And her dolly from Gigi and Papa.

Harper hiding at the vet's office.

Oma enjoying the petting zoo.

They told us to put Carter in the pin with the rabbits so he could pet them.

Carter and Hayden playing together.

Hayden reading to us. Drew wanted to be front and center!

Carter and Hayden playing memory.

Harper loves her Uncie J.

Carter pumped up for the train.

Trying out his fishing pole for the first time.

He was so excited to carry his own umbrella. He has a cute panda one my parents got him, but we got stuck in the rain and it was at home.

It was a torrential downpour when we left Wal-Mart and Carter was laughing hysterically!

Such attentive listeners at storytime.

Showing off a new outfit from Oma and Opa.


  1. Was Ty laughing at Harper hiding her head? Frankie would do the same thing, along with a blood curdling cry!

    1. Yes, but he was more entertained by the fact that she was shaking!

  2. Elise's headband looked great with her outfit in the first pictures. And she looked like she did love being in the tunnels with Carter. And that is the saddest picture on the train. :) I love the Underarmour outfit, she looks so good in it. And I love all the videos.

    1. I was impressed her headband matched so perfectly since that dress was one of the few you didn't buy her! I thought the train picture was sweet!