Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Elise hanging out with Aunt Brenda.
Carter modeling his pumpkin hat Oma made for him.
Reading time before bed.

He picked out his outfit complete with rain boots and binoculars.
He walked like this all the way to and from the library.
Stopped on our walk to climb a tree.
Similar jammies, 2 years apart!
Sissapee in her skeleton jammies at almost 6 months, compared to Carter at almost 9 months.

Play Doh has been the big thing around here now that Carter has learned to roll snakes.

Free pizza with a coupon. He ate about 4 bites of pizza but polished off all of his carrots and grapes.
New headband from Oma, she crocheted the flower!

Carter wanted a balloon and insisted sissy get one too.

Carter was quiet while I was putting Elise down for a nap and I found him reading on the futon.
Play Doh time for Elise.

Family walk to the library this past weekend.
I hadn't given Elise a book so Carter was sweet and passed one to her.
Riding a mechanical bull at the Rockin Rib Festival.
We splurged and got Carter some mac and cheese at the festival.
Uncie J, Uncie Taco, and Carter enjoying some food at the festival.

Another new headband from Oma.
Carter pretending to be a worm.
Carter enjoying his buddy Grant's birthday party at Incredible Pizza.

He got to ride some rides.

Elise wasn't so sure of the carousel.

Playing Whack a Mole.
I do this every day, but when Ty does it I totally swoon!
Won a giant ball in the claw machine.
Pigging out on some pizza!

This is how Carter rode home!
Carter brought me the tape measure and told me to take the doggy for a walk.
Then he took off on all fours like this!
Sissy's new black cat outfit from Oma and Opa.
Complete with headband made by Oma.
Kitty booty!

Carter picked his outfit and then insisted on taking Big Al into the aquarium with us.
Aqua Tots storytime at the aquarium.
The highlight of our aquarium trip for Carter was pushing the stroller with Elise actually in it.
Watching the beavers eat.
Elise checking out the clown fish. Her favorite was the anemone.

Playing in Oma's travel crochet basket.

Special time with Oma.
Elise was after Opa's salad at dinner.
Carter wanted to hug Elise while he was eating his corn on he cob.
We forgot to check the slides when we got to the playground. They were wet!
Another outfit he picked out. Penguin stocking cap with rain boots...
Enjoying storytime at the library.

When she brought the toys out Carter wanted to read this book before playing.

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