Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Hiding out in the meerkat area eating our picnic to get out of the rain.
Sissy enjoyed watching the meerkats.
I had Elise in the car seat in hopes she would nap better. The rain cover doesn't fit over both kids with the car seat in so I had to improvise.
The rain slowed down so we made a made dash to the car looking ridiculous!
Treat ice cream for no accidents all day!
Carter had a tough time falling asleep because he was overtired so he ended up in bed with me and Harper.
The sweetest little boy you'll ever see!
Elise loves the crinkle square Carter and my mom made her.

She was caught off guard by the whisk because she accidentally hit herself in the face.

Sis wasn't sure about avocado.

Carter loved the slide at the bounce house.

I wore Elise at the bounce house. She napped for an hour and then looked up at me, melted my heart!

Elise was in the middle of the mat but got wild and ended up on the hard wood floor.

Carter wanted to move her and I asked him to let me do it so he laid down with her.

Carter pretended he found baby squirrels on our walk and was very carefully carrying them home.

Ready for a special mommy, daddy, Carter date: Friday night movie and popcorn!

Enjoying an event called Sand Dazzle. Basically a huge pile of sand to play in.
I played with Carter while Ty set up camp with Elise.

Miss Sassy lookin cool!

We built a huge road.

Then Carter started putting his face in the sand so it was time to go home.

Enjoying a lunch date using a gift card I've been hoarding for over a year!

Trying rice cereal for the first time.

Sunday morning fun with daddy.

Playing with block towers, she loved knocking them over!

Sweet potato was a success!

Taking his cars through the car wash after playing with them in the mud at the playground.

Elise trying out her new hat from my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Trish.

Riding his bike into the Bikes and Balls Bash.

Elise enjoyed playing with balls during the bash.

They had an inflatable.

Carter made a friend at the playground.

I went through and took some pictures from Ty's phone.

At the zoo, from Ty's phone.

At the zoo, from Ty's phone.

Storytime started back up today!

Elise enjoyed storytime.

Making music together during the play portion of the Stay and Play Storytime.

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