Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Pictures from my mom of our train ride.

Came in from changing sissy's diaper to find him with fully cooked popcorn in daddy's dirty egg pan pretending to cook it.

Air and Space Museum

He said, I want to fly this up into the air.

He got to push buttons to launch the shuttle.

She loved playing with the seat belt on these plane seats.

They gave each of the kids a "Future Pilot" pin.

Trying out a simulator.

Found a caterpillar at the park.

New jammies from Oma and Opa.

I love the matching jammies. Side note: Ty brought Elise in missing a sock and I later found it on her activity gym right where he would've picked her up. Guess he didn't notice, haha!

I just couldn't pick a cutest so I posted my favorites. Matching jammies rock!

Carter gave Elise a dog so she could play with us.

We got to meet my friend's one month old daughter.

Carter reading a recipe book that I used as a kid. Oma sent it to us.

They were watching a cat in our yard.

Ready to listen to the zoo keeper chat. Carter ran right over to sit with the other kids.

He's now almost as tall as an Emperor penguin.

He used to be the size of a Gentoo!
Elise is almost the size of an African penguin.
Always looking up to her brother.

Family walk for ice cream.

Sissy tried to nab my banana.

Found a giant stick on our walk.

We got the high chair out for Elise so Carter wanted to try it out.


Looks like he's choking her out but he wasn't.

Elise's first time playing with Play Doh.

Storytime at the library was busy today and Carter was super excited! He sat right down next to a boy and said, "Hi friend, what's your name?"

Ready to read books on the walk home.


  1. Very nice pictures. You look really slim at the zoo, and Elise is looking very engaged. Carter looks long and gangly in the high chair. I'm saving the videos for later.

  2. I can't believe how big they're both getting! Especially Elise! It's crazy!