Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Coloring at the desk in his room.
Walking on the train tracks at the zoo.
Holding a penguin egg at the zoo.
Playing at Great Uncle Marty and Great Aunt Brenda's house.
Enjoying some scrambled eggs!
A treat while out shopping for Auntie Erin's shower gift.
Watching it snow with his buddy, Harper.
Ty cuddling his babies.
Finally after a winter of shivering due to her hair loss we bought Harper a sweater at Wal-Mart.  She loves it!
Carter woke up from his nap asking for a sandwich for snack.
Snuggled up in her dog bed on a cold night.  She might still be a little spoiled, even with Carter around.
Showing off his new shoes.  One morning he told me his "feet stuck" as a way to let me know his shoes were too small.  We pulled out these hand-me-downs from Ty's boss and he was so excited!
Picked up a stick on our walk to the library.
Using his walking stick just like daddy.
We showed him how to take pictures with my phone.
Looking at me because I was laughing at how many pictures he took.
This was a bad idea as I had over 20 pictures like this and couldn't decide which was cutest.
Enjoying a beautiful, sunny, almost 50 degree day at the park!
"Mommy runeet.  Shallow (shadow) runeet too!"
He was so excited about a new book Oma and Opa sent him in the mail he wanted to sleep with it at naptime.
Carter took this picture of Harper.
All bundled up!


  1. I like the pictures he took. He's a good photographer. His voice sounded like Jeremy's at that age in the video. Harper's sweater is pretty. I'm making her a heavy one with a wool blend, which will work great outside when it's cold and wet. Then I'll do the teal varigated and she can wear it when the purple one is in the wash.

    I love wordless Wednesday.

    1. That is awesome! It will be nice for her to have a couple. I'm having to make sure to wash it on warmer days or when I know it will be clean before she goes outside. I hope her fur grows back soon!