Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Playing with Fezzy in the backyard on a beautiful 70 degree day!
Oma bought him "Mary Poppins" and wanted him to watch part of it.  This is how he watched!

20 degree weather doesn't keep us inside, but it does give us the playground to ourselves.
Opening a Valentine's Day card from his Gigi and Papa.
Climbing at the Children's Museum.
Hugs for Landon when it was time to leave.
Holding hands as we left the Children's Museum.

Paying the cashier for his ice cream.
Excited for lunch at a train themed restaurant.
Trying out Elise's car seat.

Enjoying "hot chocolate" during a break from the snow.
With his Valentine's Day binoculars.  He wanted to take them with us.
Carter is really starting to attempt coloring inside the lines.  It's so exciting!
Snowy day run.
Another day we had the playground to ourselves.
Pretending to nap in the laundry basket.
Opa joked Carter was pretending to be Elise since he's all smushed up in there!
Eating on the counter.


  1. I love the whisper reading, and in the last one it sounded like he called GiGi and Bobbie.

    1. He called Benny and Bobbie and after I stopped recording he called Harper who walked over because he was talking to her!

  2. 20 degrees!?!?! Keeps me inside! Brave Momma! I love the whispering video! And I love the grunting/humming sounds he was making on his hike. Liam especially love the Happy Birthday video! (I'm going to go ahead and declare them best internet friends.)

    1. Carter is the toughest guy about the cold, he blows my mind. I just can't say no when he looks at me and sweetly says, "Side please!" He's definitely toughening me up! Agreed, Liam and Carter are Internet BFFs!