Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

The kids were super excited about their new shoes from Oma and Opa!

Carter wanted to paint pictures of animals.
Elise got Tesla to pose with her for a picture.
Carter was student of the month in his class for February. The character trait was friendship.

You know it has been really cold when the kids think 58 degrees is so hot they need to take their shirts off!

Making soup for dinner.
They took turns stirring.

Checking out insects at the Children's Museum.
The kids wanted to do yoga one morning.

Ty ripped his shirt at work.
Elise at school.
I took Elise home from school early because she was running a low grade temperature, turned out she had strep throat.
Carter picked out a playback audiobook at the library.
When Carter finished the audiobook, he let Elise listen to it.


  1. Ty's ride at the museum looked fun! Tesla was very serious about catching food. Congratulations to Carter on student of the month! Tell Ty to quit working out and being a Brutus and his shirts will hold up better. :)