Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Decorating a sugar cookie tree from Oma as a decoration for Opa and Uncie J's birthday party.

The only picture I took during Opa and Uncie J's birthday party.
Painting their Valentine's Day canvases from Oma and Opa.

Pictures from Elise's teacher at school.

Elise was still asleep after school so her teacher let her sleep and I hung out in the room working on stuff until she woke up.

Carter wanted to fill in a hundreds chart so I printed a blank one for him and Elise wanted to do it too so she worked on writing the letters in her name in each of the boxes.

I gave Carter different addition and subtraction problems and he colored the answers in to reveal a mystery picture.
Elise wanted to do a mystery picture too so I had her randomly color some boxes.
Skippy sitting with Elise's baby she had swaddled.
Carter working on his pinewood derby car with Ty.
Carter found the butt of a gun buried in our backyard.
Carter loves his Valentine's Day pillow from Oma and Opa.

Making Carter's 100 Days of School shirt using 100 band aids.

Carter wanted to pose for his picture with his backpack on while holding his jacket.

Who knew you could play "Guess Who" as a one player game!
Carter's class on the 100th day of school!


  1. Elise looked fierce working on squeezing frosting out for the cookies. Carter's shirt was by far the best for 100 days.