Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Carter and Elise on Valentine's Day.

Carter lost another tooth!

Finger puppet shows for Uncie Taco.

Ready for date night at the fundraiser for Carter's school.

Opa fell asleep while babysitting Elise's baby.

Tesla escaped while we were gone and pulled out my new running shoes I'd gotten the week before, a pair of cheapo Wal-Mart shoes, and my old running shoes with over 500 miles on them. She only chewed the brand new shoes!
Ty built me a special place to store my shoes so that won't happen again!
Carter had a sleep over with a friend whose mom had to work on President's Day.
Tesla was worn out from playing with mom and dad's dogs over the weekend.
All the kids using the special readers, Elise is sitting in her baby stroller.

Tesla with her little stuffie.
Elise drew a bat and wanted me to draw with her so I made from fruit for it to eat and a night sky.

Sweet naptime snuggles!


  1. Where did the puppet theaters come from? They're neat. I also like Elise's bed. :)