Monday, February 25, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

On Valentine's Day I got up a little earlier for my run so I could be home before the kids woke up. I wanted to make them special heart-shaped pancakes and watch them look at some special stuff we got them and put in heart-shaped baskets. They were really excited about all their special stuff and Carter especially loved his heart headband which was a Dollar Tree find. I wanted to get a cute Valentine's Day picture of Tesla to post with my run on Strava since she ran with me. Tesla would just not sit still long enough for me to get a picture so Elise ran over and helped hold her still. I was out of red food coloring for the pancakes so I used red sprinkles on them. They looked really cute! I only had one I didn't pull off fast enough and the sprinkles melted. We picked out strawberry milk at the store as a special Valentine's Day treat and we put it in champagne flutes for the special breakfast.

My sweet running buddy!
Special Valentine's Day breakfast.
On the way to drop Carter off at school, he was talking to me and when I looked back I saw he was still wearing his heart headband, it was so adorable! I had a lot of fun having a Valentine's Day party with the kids in my class. Carter's class party was from 12:25-1:30. My co-teacher's son's party was at 1:30 so she needed to leave for his party at 1:15 which meant if I went to Carter's party I'd have to be back to school by 1:15. It's a 15-20 minute drive from my school to Carter's school depending on traffic and luck with traffic lights. That meant I'd be able to be at Carter's party for about 30 minutes before I'd need to leave. I decided it didn't matter, I just really wanted to be there, so I went. It was so worth it when I walked into Carter's classroom and I saw his face light up. It was the best! While I was there they decorated their bags for collecting valentines and then started passing out valentines. I headed out early and went back to school. It was a little crazy to drive 40 minutes total to be at a party for 30 minutes but it was for sure worth it! Like my co-teacher said when I was trying to decide, "They only have school parties for a few years and then it's over." 

When we got home from school we were shocked to be greeted by Tesla at the door. We shut her in the laundry room when we are gone and apparently the door didn't get closed all the way that morning. A quick look into the living room revealed that she'd dragged out my new pair of running shoes I'd just gotten that week among other things. I was scared to look and upon inspection discovered she chewed the tongue of the left shoe. That made them wearable for shorter, easier runs but not for speed work, long runs, or races. She also chewed up Carter's new headband he loved so much! Once we had inspected the damage and cleaned up the mess the kids wanted to make a trip to the library to give Ms Tanzy the valentines they made her. She gave them a valentine with suckers which they were quite excited about. At home we made cupcakes and then our heart pizza. While the pizza was cooking we decorated our cupcakes and then took some over to our neighbor. After dinner we opened presents and read our valentines. The kids each got a special bath painting set and a finger puppet theater. Carter had a blast with his finger puppet show. He was cracking me up with his funny shows! He was so excited to Facetime his Gma and Gpa so he could do a show for them. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day and Elise didn't want it to end. She spent the rest of the night making more valentines for everyone and passing them out. I think once she opened and read her valentines, she was so touched she wanted to make more to show her love. It was very sweet!

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