Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise wanted to sleep with Carter. It didn't last long.

Feeling a moccasin at Museum Babies.

At the movies with our friends.

Elise walked through a bush and got prickles all over herself.

At the doctor's office when Carter had croup.

Carter's first time drawing a star. He was so excited!

Picture from Carter's teacher.

Picture from Carter's teacher.
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Matching Halloween jammies.

Ty walking with Elise to the parade.

Carter building with Legos with no help.

Hayden's 6th Birthday Party.

Carter with one of his Lego creations.

Another failed attempt at sleeping together.

Watching kitty videos.

We were all in Halloween outfits.

Feeling a shark tooth during Aqua Tots. 


  1. Carter does a wonderful job with legos, I was quite impressed. And Elise picked up more stickers than Fezzik, and that's hard to do. Carter saying, "The cat is on the human toilet!" was hilarious. I wish that had been on video, but watching him laugh was pretty cute.