Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Matching penguin jammies.
Playing in the huge puddle in our backyard.
Elise drew a picture of a cat.
Carter also drew a picture of a cat.
Elise went to the library with me and had to wear a backpack with books just like mommy.
Carter wanted to spell volcano so I helped him listen to the sounds. He got pretty close.
Elise covering her baby up for a nap, not sure why it's blurry.
Playing in a giant sand box at the state fair.
Walking around the zoo after the race.
Hanging out with Uncie Taco.
Mom reading us a Shine a Light book to try it out after it arrived.

Elise wanted to take Harper on a walk with me.
The sun was going down and the clouds looked so pretty.

Elise trying to crack open her dinosaur egg during Fossil Day at the Children's Museum.
Digging for fossils.
Showing off their dinosaurs from their eggs.

Elise wanted to sit by Carter, Carter wanted to sit by Walter, and Walter wanted to sit by his mom. So they were all crowded on one seat and I had the rest of the table to myself.


  1. Elise looks so much older on your walk in her blue dress. I love her "phone".