Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise playing with her friend.
All messy after eating her free ice cream cone from her summer reading program coupon book.
Playing on the computer at the library.
Fun at the aquarium.
Free cookie from the summer reading program coupon book.
Elise picked out this awesome outfit!
Elise multi-tasking, watching tv while fixing her hair!
Beautiful sunrise on my way to run. The light turned green right as I took the picture.
Getting a balloon animal at the library's birthday party.
Elise got a kitty and Carter got a giraffe.
Elise hiding her balloon animal so I couldn't get a picture.
Free sno cones at the library party.
Picture from Carter's teacher.
Picture from Carter's teacher.
Riding a dinosaur ride at the fair.
Carter helping Elise get out.
Standing by a wallaby at the petting zoo area at the fair.
Petting the wallaby.
Elise said she wanted to read books but wasn't feeling good so she almost fell asleep!


  1. Poor little Elise. Carter was so cute getting her out of the rides. And the game with Charlee was hilarious.

    1. I know, her sweet little voice is so sad! Carter was the sweetest getting her out of rides, I loved that!