Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Elise sneaking some off Carter's snack.
Gymanstics class
Watching Carter at gymnastics.
Free ice cream at Andy's!
Making a sail boat.
Carter and I were reading together.
Meanwhile, Elise was doing her own thing!
Making a craft at the Chica Chica Boom Boom-themed Talking is Teaching event.
Patiently waiting for food, I love her hands clasped together.
He kind of fell in the toilet, haha!
Walking to the library.
Tattoo at a fun event at the park.
Face painting at the park.
Checking out a fire truck.
Napping with his face painting still mostly unharmed.
Elise taking a break from the water slide to snuggle.
One of her many wipe outs!
Carter signed his name.
Playing with ice, it was that hot!
Carter wrote dad (in orange chalk) to surprise Ty when he got home.
Loving homemade blueberry pancakes.
She got a hold of a black marker.
Checking out chimpanzees at the zoo.
I was making dinner and went to check on the kids. They were playing so nicely.
Elise sat on her car and fussed until Carter started driving her around.
Carter playing with his friends who I was watching while their mom had an appointment.
Walking to the library for storytime.
The girls didn't feel like getting out of the wagon for a picture.
Hiding during naptime.


  1. Wordless Wednesday, my favorite! They did a great job on the water slide, and Elise stirring was pretty cute. She was quite proud.

  2. We live for wordless Wednesday!! Enjoy all the pictures.
    Love, Gma