Thursday, November 12, 2015

Funny Stuff Carter Says

"Time to sugar out!" while running into the room with a juice box (they are a special treat at Oma and Opa's house).

Ty had fallen out the door trying to grab Quinn, Thomas' dog, who was making a run for it out the front door. Then Carter fell down walking to the car.
"Daddy, I do that like you do. That make you pee your pants, mommy?"

"I poop in my pants. You be angry. I be angry. I not do that, we both be happy." said randomly during lunchtime.
Carter: I'm running like that girl.
Me: What girl?
Carter: The girl in the movie.
He was running down the hill in our backyard and had just watched part of "The Sound of Music" with my mom that morning.

We've been trying to figure out a theme for his birthday party for a while, but he kept changing his mind.
Carter: I want my party to be lions and tigers.
Me: And bears? Oh my!
Carter: And foxes and coyotes.
Fail on my part for mentioning any other animals, I just couldn't help myself!

Carter: I'm a doggy.
Me: Nice to meet you, doggy. What's your name?
Carter: Carl.
Me: Get in the car, please, Carl.
He got in the car.
Me: Good dog, Carl!
Carter: That's not my name!
Me: Okay, what is your name?
Carter: Poop fries.

Carter put Ty's shoes on and was making up his own version of Pete the Cat.
"Pete the Cat stepped in a pile of ribs. What color did it turn his shoes? Brown! He stepped on the bed. What color did it turn his shoes? More browner!"

Me: What's daddy doing?
Carter: Checking on sissy. Patting her booty.

Oma: Do you know what wait means?
Carter: What?
Oma: It means to stop.
Carter: Guess what go means.
Oma: What?
Carter: GO!!!!

"I have a surprise. Let's go see it! I excited!"

"You died me. I say that because I love you!"

"I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy right now. I give you hug and kiss, make you happy. You smile now? You happy?" He does this pretty much anytime he has an accident or hurts Elise.

He was walking a little close to a drainage area at the side of the road for my liking.
Me: Carter, don't walk to close to that because if you fall in I don't know how I'd get you out.
Carter: Why?
Me: Because I can't fit in there.
Carter: And daddy couldn't know how to get me out because he's at work.
I'm pretty sure he's convinced daddy can fix anything!

Carter wanted to take Big Al on a walk with us and I told him he had to take care of him. On our walk when we approached the playground he said, "Sissy can play with Big Al at the playground."

Carter: I'm purple. Are you green?
Me: Sure, I can be green.
Carter: I want you to be green. Daddy is yellow. Harper is red. Skippy is blue. Our house is brown and our candy is saxophones.

"She puked! She puked on Big Al! Big Al is ruined!"

"When we get to the library you pick out big books while I pick out board books, okay?"

"Save this for Saturday" while handing me a Nutri Grain bar which he ate later that day.

Carter: I can't wait for this weekend.
Me: Why? 
Carter: To have cheese and soup and bread.
Me: What makes you say that?
Carter: Oma is bringing it. 
Oma never said anything about bringing cheese and soup and bread! 


  1. Very cute! I wish I'd done like my grandmother told me and written down all the cute things you guys said. I wrote down a few, but not enough. I was sure I'd remember them, but I didn't. :( Carter is a hoot.

    1. It amazes me how quickly I forget things! So many times I go to write down something he said that day and I've forgotten.