Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise painting at school, picture thanks to her teachers.

Ready for the 80's themed Donut Dash.

Ty won a dozen doughnuts in the costume contest.

Spiky hair for school.

Always snuggled up together.

Start of the Donut Dash.

I just love seeing age 4 on this. She's so amazing!

When you get hot and take your dress off at naptime, I guess you got to pick your brother up at school in your undies when you sleep through being carried to the car.

Elise took a picture of Carter reading to me.
Elise at school, picture thanks to her teachers.

Elise at school, picture thanks to her teachers.


Carter in his new boy scout uniform!

Playing with the new toy kitchen at the library.

She asked me to take her picture here.

Carter made a car out of paper and foam.

Made it to school and realized one of the kids set a baby out for me, cracked me up!

Elise trying out some toys in my room before school.

Boston, here I come! Woo hoo!

Carter at boy scouts.


  1. Elise finished ahead of a lot of people, and set a good pace the first mile and a half. Congratulations on your marathon! And who would think we'd already lose a dog from the family picture?