Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wordless Thursday

This week has been crazy. It was Elise and my 2nd week of school and we also had something going on almost every evening! Last night was gymnastics so I didn't get the chance to put together Wordless Wednesday. Carter is at a birthday party with Ty and I'm home with Elise so I'm going to put this together a day late.
Tesla is the sweetest snuggle puppy!

Elise actually let me put a bow in her hair! It didn't last all day but according to the pics from her teachers, it made it through part of the day!

Elise was the calendar helper at school one day, picture thanks to her teachers!

Elise took a picture on my phone.

Exhausted after our first week of school, we laid in bed for a while when we got home!

Elise gave us both kissing hands. She kissed my hand and then put a sticker in the middle of my palm. Then she had me do the same for her.

Playing with her new baby doll sleeping bag from Oma and Opa.

Carter checking out Elise's wiggly tooth.

Hiking at Keystone Ancient Forest.

At church before the Day of Service.

Headed to Walt Whitman Elementary for the Day of Service.

Day of Service with Asbury.

Elise cleaning out the cabinets.

Trying out the new stuff in the Reward Room we helped put together at Walt Whitman Elementary.

Putting on a show for us.

Carter got 3 Wow! notes at school!

He was super excited to bring home Cocoa and Pancho from school.

Tesla desperate for attention when we got home!

Elise trying out the shopping stuff in my classroom before school.

Pictures thanks to Elise's teachers.

Pictures thanks to Elise's teachers.

Pictures thanks to Elise's teachers.

Pictures thanks to Elise's teachers.
Elise carrying the playhouse to my classroom for me.

She loved how many people told her she was strong as she walked by!

Playing with the playhouse before school.


  1. Tesla wanted a front row seat to Carter's performance. Elise sure looked happy at school.

    1. She cracked me up, had to get right in the way! Elise is loving school this year!