Friday, September 27, 2019

Half and Full Marathons

In 2017 I wrote a post about my growing love of the half-marathon. In my post I listed all the half and full marathons I've run. I think it's fun to keep a running total. That's something I never did with shorter distances and I have run fewer of these longer races so it was easier to go back and figure out how many I've actually done. It's fun to add to the lists and I really like seeing how my time compares on my overall list when I don't run a PR. It's fun to see that although I didn't run the time I had hoped for, it was my 4th fastest time or whatever it may have been. So I'd like to update my list every now and then. I've had this typed up and ready for a while and I think now is the perfect time to post it since I just got my acceptance email for the Boston Marathon on Wednesday! I'm so excited to prepare my training plan for Boston and to get into the training. Until then, I'm plugging away toward the Tulsa Run 15k and Route 66 Half-Marathon! 

Half Marathons:
1:30:41, Golden Driller Half Marathon, 2019
1:31:06, Aquarium Run, 2018
1:31:35, Mighty Mo Half Marathon, 2007
1:31:49, Route 66 Half Marathon, 2016

1:32:39, Route 66 Half Marathon, 2007
1:32:55, Prairie Fire Half Marathon, 2018
1:34:11, Run for the Ranch Half Marathon, 2007 
1:34:13, Aquarium Run Half Marathon, 2017
1:34:40, Aquarium Run Half Marathon, 2019
1:35:25, Little Rock Half Marathon, 2009
1:35:43, Route 66 Half Marathon, 2015 (8 months after Elise was born)
1:36:59, Jenks Half Marathon, 2013 (10 months after Carter was born)
1:38:05, Prairie Fire Half Marathon, 2013 (9 months after Carter was born)
1:41:08, Prairie Fire Half Marathon, 2015 (7 months after Elise was born)
1:51:40, Route 66 Half Marathon, 2011 (ran the race sick)
1:56:44, Prairie Fire Half Marathon, 2014 (14 weeks pregnant with Elise)
2:01:50, Hospital Hill Half Marathon, 2008 (I ran this one after being sick for over a month and learned to respect the distance!)
2:18:12, Route 66 Half Marathon, 2012 (32 weeks pregnant with Carter)

18 half-marathons
2 run while pregnant
4 run less than a year after giving birth

3:25:27, Route 66 Marathon, 2018
3:38:58, Route 66 Marathon, 2017
3:40:05, Route 66 Marathon, 2008
3:43:04, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, 2009 (The wind was out of control.)
3:58:04, Route 66 Marathon, 2009 (Ran with a sinus infection and bronchitis.)


5 marathons
2 BQs (Interestingly enough, not my 2 fastest times. Since Boston Qualifying times keep getting faster, I qualified with a 3:40 when I was in my 20's and then didn't qualify with a 3:38 when I was in my 30's!)


  1. I enjoyed reading your lists! I fully believe you haven't come near your marathon potential - watch out 3:10 at Boston!

    1. I don't think I have either, I'm excited to keep pushing. I feel like I'm capable of sub-3:20 but we will see what happens in the next few years!

    2. It's a slippery slope, bahaha! You'll keep working that time down, but the joy is really in the journey.

  2. Oh, also I remember the day you ran OKC 2009 and how INSANE the wind was. I was almost glad I was injured and not running it.

    1. You know it's bad when you are ever glad not to be running, haha! I've definitely never experienced anything like it in a race since, thankfully!