Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

The kids went outside to play while I unpacked lunches, washed the containers and repacked lunches for the next day. I regretted that when I looked out and saw how dirty they were!

Carter loves this book he got for free from the library!
Carter made me a mask at school and wanted a picture of me wearing it.
Elise making her birthday shirt.

Tesla's first pup cup of frozen custard.

Elise playing with her new backpack from Uncie Taco.
Ready for a sleepover with Gma and Gpa.

Pinata at her birthday party.
All of Elise's friends from her party.
St. Patrick's day trail run on the muddy, messy Snake Trail!
Thomas made black and tans for St. Patrick's Day.
Elise loves her new art box!
Elise had a blast with craft kits she got for her birthday.
The kit had 4 butterfly magnets so Elise said, "2 for Carter and 2 for me!"

She also shared her suncatchers.

Fun at the park over spring break!

Elise also shared her Legos, letting Carter help her build!
Playing with new Kinetic Sand toys.

This is what I love about running in the early morning.
Doughnut trip with friends over spring break.
Went to the park and this hill was the best part!
Carter being a sled for the girls.
Colorful Kinetic Sand from Uncle Paul and Aunt Amanda!

Adorable new jammies from Gma and Gpa!
Elise wanted to pretend to be a dog for a picture in her dog jammies.
Storytime at the zoo, so glad Carter got to go too since it was spring break!

Super excited to see the animal ambassador we would get to meet.
Up close with a spectacled owl.
They got to feel an owl wing.

The kids thought it was hilarious the elephant was rubbing her booty on the window.

Hugging the meerkat statue.


  1. I loved the dollar bills on the string-what a cute idea. And ham and sewage was SO funny!

    1. I thought that was such a great idea too. She loved it!