Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise put together this awesome outfit!
Carter wanted green eggs for Read Across America day.

Elise did this and asked me to take her picture.

Elise wanted to walk her baby to the playground.
Elise took this picture on my phone.
The librarian at our library had the kids pose for a picture for her on Read Across America Day.
Elise and her Oma wore matching airplane leggings for the Runway Run.

We finally got some more snow!

Ready to run in the cold!
Chuck E. Cheese for a friend's birthday party.

Tesla was scared and hid in the shower.
Carter had the day off school due to temps below 0 in the morning!

The kids searching for icicles.

Setting out water for a freezing experiment we did on Carter's day off.

Checking to see if our water was frozen yet.
Wearing Elise's unicorn hat Oma made for her.
One of the girls in my class had her hair French braided so Elise wanted hers braided. I did it while she sat on my lap before school. I didn't have hair ties so I just left it and it fell out later but she loved it!

Carter had a free dress day for spring picture day. He was very excited!

Elise wanted to take a picture too. I loved that they were both wearing dinosaur shirts.


  1. Elise's first picture is adorable! And she'll need driver's training before I ride with her. hahahaha Carter looks handsome for picture day!