Friday, March 22, 2019

Elise's Unicorn 4th Birthday Party

I was surprised and excited when I asked Elise what kind of birthday party she wanted to have and she said, "Unicorn!" Unicorns are huge right now and I knew we'd be able to find a lot of cool stuff, plus they're really cute. She's just recently gotten really into unicorns and I think it's because we got her a unicorn mug last year for her birthday and she loves it. She's been using it for hot chocolate all winter long and started playing unicorns and pretending different things are unicorn horns. I saw lots of unicorn stuff at Target for Valentine's Day so after Valentine's Day we went to check out the clearance stuff. We got a bunch of stuff for crazy cheap. I'm talking stuff for goody bags at 30 cents per 4 pieces, it was awesome! We didn't pay more than a dollar for any of the unicorn stuff we got at Target. We ordered a cake from Sam's and cookies from Celebration's by Lori, in my hometown, which mom and dad brought with them. Elise picked out popcorn and fruit snacks for the snacks and we just did juice and water for drinks. Elise decided she wanted a piñata and mom found one while out shopping so she bought it and even filled it with candy for us! Ty took Elise shopping and let her pick out plates and napkins for her party. They also found a special unicorn candle for her cake. I reserved the party place at the church where I teach and Elise goes to school way back at the end of December and the kids had an absolute blast! It was one of my favorite birthday parties we've thrown for sure. Elise was so excited about her party she was laying in bed Thursday night yelling at us that there were only 2 days until her party. Then she did the same thing Friday night yelling about how the next day was her party. She was so excited she couldn't sleep and was still awake at 10:00 as we were getting ready for bed!

There was a really awesome face painter in the kids area after the Tulsa Run. Mom loved her and wanted to reserve her for Elise's birthday party. She said if we booked her, she'd pay for her. I thought it might be too much to have all the toys to play on and a face painter, but it was awesome! The kids loved their face paint. Elise was especially adorable. After she got her face painted she stood staring at herself in a mirror for a long time. Then she crawled around pretending to be a cat and Carter got irritated that she would only meow at him and wouldn't talk! The kids took turns getting their faces painted and played on the slides. They also loved the game mat with the games projected onto the floor. Elise was adorable playing the piano when it was on. A friend's husband offered to hold the piñata for us. He went up to the 2nd level and held the piñata down on a string. He did a great job and cracked me up by jerking the piñata up when his daughter went to hit it. He also wiggled the string once it cracked open to help spill the candy. The kids had a blast with the piñata. We did cake toward the end and Elise was adorable bouncing up and down as Ty brought it over. The kids played a little bit more and then it was time to wrap it up.

The kids were having so much fun playing at the party, I didn't want to take time away from playing to open presents. Instead we opened presents at home and that was so much better than trying to open presents with all the kids around. Elise sat on her Gma's lap and really enjoyed looking at all her presents. She got some awesome crafty stuff which she ended up doing on Monday morning. We had a fun crafting morning on Monday which was nice because it was the first day of spring break. In the future, I'd like to do her party the weekend before spring break again. It was awesome having a bunch of new stuff and toys to play with and actually being home to enjoy them! After opening presents and some play time it was off to dinner with Gma and Gpa. The kids were really excited for a special sleep over with Gma and Gpa at their hotel. I wasn't sure how Elise would do since she was so tired. She'd gone to sleep after 10:00pm, woken up at 7:00am, and been too excited about her party to take a nap. Then she ran a mile fun run and had a birthday party. It was a busy day! But she did great and had such a blast with her Gma and Gpa! The next morning they went to IHOP for breakfast and Elise ordered mac and cheese. She is so hilarious! We all love our little Leesey girl so much!


  1. The party was so much fun. And Leina was brave reading to two wild animals in bed. :)

    1. Haha, yes, because I think Elise's kitty was wild!