Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wordless Wendesday

When it is raining the day your roller skates arrive, you skate in the house.
What takes precedence, building Legos or eating dinner?

Carter wore his skates all day. He even built Legos and played with clay in his skates.
It is so hilarious to watch the kids play Guess Who.
Both kids fell asleep at nap time one day over break.

We had so much fun with our new book, Lifesize.

Date night with a beer flight.

All muddy after our trail run.

Elise wanted Opa to wear her tiara and then she took his picture.

Elise using her new Christmas headphones at the library.

Elise decorating our Valentine's Day tree.


  1. Carter is getting good on his skates. Tesla really played nicely with Skippy. Elise sure looked cute in her headphones.