Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise sharing her slushie with Carter.
Playing an addition game with Carter.
Elise has been wearing her cowboy boots a lot and I love it. It makes me think of Lily from Kevin Henkes' books.

I thought I was 4th in my age group at the Tulsa Run and then this came in the mail!
Carter set a record of 3 days in one week ending the day on purple!
So we went to McDonald's for dinner with his gift card from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hurford he got for his birthday.
Elise and Charlee at Kyra's birthday party.

My snuggle muffin!
Sweet Tessie letting Elise use her as a pillow.

Enjoying the insect exhibit at the Children's Museum.

Carter loves his Lego mat Gma and Gpa got him for Christmas. Elise had to have Legos out so she could try it too.

Elise took some pictures on my phone while we waited in car line to pick Carter up from school.

A few days after the Tulsa Run award came, I got my Route 66 award with my new marathon PR engraved on it!
Elise asked me to take her picture with her tablet.