Monday, January 14, 2019

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

I got really behind with funny stuff the kids say and had a really long note on my phone to type up so I figured it was about time to do that! Here are some funny and cute things the kids have said lately.


"You have nice claws, don't you?!" talking to my parents' cat, Goldie.

We were driving in the car.
"Is that a robber?!"
I looked over and saw a man in a black and white striped shirt walking by the road.

Elise: Do you know the problem?
Me: What?
Elise: I'm really super hungry!

Me: Get buckled everybody!
Elise: I was already gonna get buckled. I'm not happy!
long pause
Elise: I like your hair, momma!

Instead of saying, "Why is this taking a along time?" Elise will say, "Why is this taking a long time ago?"

While driving in the car,
"I'm tired of the sun!"

Elise will randomly say to me, "I like your hair, momma!" If she thinks I'm sad or she said something mean to me, she'll say that to make up to me. She will also say, "It's okay momma, I still like your hair!" or "I still like your hair, mommy!"

Elise fell off a little toy table we have in the backyard and then stood up and yelled, "Ta da," like she had actually done a trick.

In a book we read that an animal eats pigs. Elise said, "Awww, I love little pigs! I like to ride on little pigs and big pigs."

They were working on our neighbor, Kyle's, roof. Elise yelled out, "There are people on coyote's house!"

When Elise is riding a ride or excited she'll yell, "Yippy ki yi yote!"

We decorated Christmas cookies and took some to our neighbor. Then we picked some out for Santa. Elise said, "I'm so terrified that we're giving all our cookies away!"

"I'm giving all the toys I don't like to the dogs to play with." I went in and saw she'd given the dogs stuffed animals and all but one were actually Carter's!

"I love you, mommy, but I don't love ouchies! They just hurt."

Carter: Who did this!?
Elise: That was me, I was up to mystery (meaning mischief).

Elise: Mommy, are earrings a good thing?
Me: Yes.
Elise: No, you're wrong! You lose!

Elise: On my birthday what will my new name be?
Me: Your name won't change, it will always be the same.  Your age will change. You will be 4.
Elise:  Oooh, so on Skippy's cat birthday he'll eat cake?!?

Randomly while sitting down coloring she said, "Sometimes I eat so much my tummy hurts. Then I go poop a bunch and my tummy feels better."

"My statues are still on!" She meant her tattoos.

"Look at my shadow, since I have a backpack on I look like a turtle!"

Thomas: How long did you nap today?
Elise: Mmmm, maybe a minute or 4 pounds.

The kids wanted to go out for lunch. Elise said, "Well, I found 2 pennies and mommy has a dollar!"

Elise calls coconuts Chicka Chicka Boom Booms and she calls mangos flamingoes.


Carter likes to draw pictures of Elise and then write Mr. Elise on them. He thinks it's hilarious and cracks up over it. Elise doesn't get it and just feels special that he is drawing her pictures.

We were talking about Veteran's Day and in a panic Carter asked, "Are we getting shots today?!" He thought it was Vaccination Day.

"Oh Tesla, I wanted to suck my thumb but you just licked it so now I can't!"

We were talking about Whataburger and Carter said, "I don't want to go there because the burgers are on water so the buns are soggy!"

On the drive to school Carter yelled out, "Oh no, I left Big Al out on the table. I hope robbers don't take him!"

Elise: What do you want for your birthday?
Carter: I just had my birthday and I already got everything I want.

Carter calls two piece jammies, jammies cut in half. When I read Carter the school lunch choices and he wants to pack his lunch, he says, "I want a mommy lunch." I love that and hope he continues saying that for a long time!

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