Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise took some pictures while I was volunteering at the school library, shelving books.

Elise enjoying the carousel at the zoo.
The snowy owl flew over to see Carter!

One flew over the zoo zoo's nest.

We enjoyed the Member's Only event celebrating their 90th anniversary.
Elise playing with a friend before school.
Carter was exhausted after a busy week at school. He asked to rock and almost fell asleep!

Carter picking cherry tomatoes at Uncie Taco's house.
Elise helping Uncie Taco work in the yard.
Elise loves Bobbie!

Oma and Opa let the kids pick out pumpkins so we got a picture with our mums.

Another fun playdate with friends at The Gathering Place!

My awesome playgroup friends!

Carter putting his old cast back on.
Ready to walk to the library. He wanted to carry the bag of books!
I got to see Elise for a little bit on the playground before going inside.
Enjoying our free cookies using our coupons from the summer reading program.
Elise asked if she could put some lotion on, then put it all over her face!
Super excited for Chick fil A!
I came home one day to find Erin had sent me this sweet keychain!


  1. Elise looked adorable dancing on the counter. The owl was something else wasn't it?!?

    1. She had me laughing so hard! I'd never seen the owls go up to the glass like that, it was wild!