Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise at her school's Open House.

Hanging out in my classroom after meeting her teachers.
Elise wanted to eat a Lunchable picnic outside after Meet the Teacher.
She picked a couple mums and put them in the door locks.
Free cake pops at Starbucks using our summer reading program coupons.
Kitty cake pop with friends.
Playing at the library.

Checking out the quilt show.

Hugs and kisses for Addison when we left.

Elise's special first day of school breakfast.

First day of school down!
Elise reading her new book during rest time.

Elise ran in from rest time dressed as Owlette.

I told Harper good bye as we left to pick Carter up, she sprinted out the door and to the car, then stood waiting for me to open the door. After that we had to take her with us!
Elise woke in the morning calling for Carter. When he went in, I heard him kiss her. Then she asked him to lay with her because she likes him so he snuggled in bed with her for a little bit before she got up.

Elise fell asleep on the way to pick Carter up again.


  1. Carter did a great job riding his bike didn't he? And Elise sure loves her leggings. She's wearing them in almost every picture. It was so cute how she covered Harper.

    1. Yes, he did a great job on his bike! Elise definitely LOVES her leggings!!!!